Holonomic chassis problem

So i have a holonomic chassis and it has high speed motor. They are in Cortex port 2,3,4, and 5. When ever i practice for like 45 sec the robot has a twitches when ever i try to move it again. What is the problem here? There is no friction happening, nothing touching the floor… Do i have to change the motors to high strength?

After you test do the motors get really warm cause if they do the heat sensors are tripped. It might do this because its to much weight for the motors to move.

But my last robot was heavier than this current. The last robot i had was all in high speed and it didnt had that problem

I would check to see that the rollers on the omniwheels aren’t rubbing against the metal. I would also try a different cortex. You’re probably tripping the PTCs in the motors or the cortex. Does it happen if the wheels aren’t touching the ground for those 45 secs?

Pics pls

All of those ports are on the same cortex breaker (1-5). I bet that is what you are tripping. Does anything else go out when the drive goes out?
If this is the problem, I would recommend putting 2 drive motors on breaker 1-5 and 2 on 6-10.
If that doesn’t solve it, it may be static or something else.

Sound like it is the cortex breaker 1-5 is being tripped. Let us know if it helps to balance out the motors.

Ok i changed 2 motors the (left side of the robot) It did last but like around 1:02 sec the right side moved but the left side struggled to move

By changed do you mean replaced? Or did you just move the wires?

yeah i replaced

Do you have IME’s on the drive, because it can cause the drive to short out due to the static from the field. That was the problem I had.

Yes i have IME… What can i do to fix this? whitout taking out the IMEs. Do i have to unplug the cable? or take out the ime itself?

You can just unplug the cable because that was what I did and it fixed it. For the drive you should switch to quadrature encoders when you have the time.

It still has the same problem

hmm… maybe you should try removing the IME. Have you also tried lubricating the gears and axles. Have you also checked to see if you have any bent axles?

What (I’m pretty sure) @Cyber brains meant was this: The cortex has two separate fuses which prevent motors from drawing too much current. Ports 1-5 share one fuse, and ports 6-10 share another fuse. Because you are connecting all four drive motors to the same bank of ports on the cortex (i.e., to the same fuse), it seems likely from the behavior you described that the total current draw from all four drive motors exceeds the limit of the fuse (if I remember correctly, about 4 amps). To solve this problem, distribute the motors evenly between the two fuses. For example, you might connect the two of the drive motors to ports 2 and 3, and the other two motors to ports 8 and 9.

So try balancing the motors between the two fuses on the cortex and see if that solves your problem.

I did that but it still did the same thing. I even moved the whole chassis to a power expander

That’s basically the same as when you started… The power expander only has 1 ptc.

I’m thinking you should switch to torque gears in the drive motors.

i did that at first i had a lasted longer but it still had the problem

So the best I could tell you for the time being is to switch to torque gears with half of the motors plugged in to the power expander and half to the cortex.

One last thing you do before that though is to send a picture on here so we can see if there are any other problems we can see.