Home Row Live Remote Tornament

When the game manual says to “complete” a home row during auton, does that mean having the same color ball as your alliance color on the top of each goal? Does this apply to the Live Remote tournament as all balls are your color?

If you look in the game manual, the position of the balls within the goal doesn’t affect the scoring. Goal ownership is determined by which alliance has a higher combined score for each goal (A through I)


Basically, whoever has more balls in a goal owns the goal, no matter the color (unless your ball values are outweighed by your opponents). Your own alliance’s ball color is valued as 2 points, and the opponent’s ball color is valued as 1 point. So, you are trying to score as many balls as you can in each goal while prioritizing your own alliance’s ball color in goals you want to own. But, in most cases, simply having the most balls should get you an owned goal during auton to complete the home row.

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Game Manual States:

An Autonomous Win Point is awarded to any Alliance that completes a Connected Row using their Alliance Home Row at the end of the Autonomous Period. A point bonus is awarded to the Alliance that has the most points at the end of the Autonomous Period.

Connected Row:

To achieve a Connected Row, an Alliance must have Ownership of all three Goals in that Row.

This means that you have to have more points in each of the goals in your home row than the opposing alliance. So technically you could put any color as long as you beat the other teams “goal value” for each of the 3 goals in your home row.

Edit: This is how I interpret this. Please correct me if I am wrong.

This is correct. You just have to increase the score of each of the home row goals, which can be accomplished by adding either color of ball.