hot glue

Can hot glue be use?

Depends… if it is to stick part of the robot so it doesn’t gets unclipped nope, if it is too place decorations that does not gives you an advantage in anyway… you could.

then I can use zip ties to hold together parts? can these zip ties be cut? Thanks.

It’s not legal to use zip ties unless it’s for cable management.

Can’t even use zip ties for cable management. Just decorations.

Using only the parts provided is part of the challenge. Everyone has the same limitations.

but, zip ties are legal parts 276-1032 and 275-0125. Why can´t I use these parts?

They are VEX parts, not VEX IQ parts. You can only use VEX IQ Parts.

I have run in to this problem as well. What is the legality of using hot glue or supper glue to keep the rubber on high traction wheels from slipping on the plastic rims? Considering the rubber on the wheels are not supposed to slip on the rims in the first place.

The wheel hubs have a notch and the rubber has a protrusion matching the notch, no slipping possible (though I think the very early wheels didn’t have this arrangement).

It’s definitely a possibility. Our school was an early adopter which could explain the lack of notches.

One solution I’ve seen is to have the rubber rings (not orange rubber bands, but black rings) in the groves in the wheels.