How can i convert rotary motion of the motor to a linear motion?

How can i use a motor and convert its rotary motion to a rapid linear motion? Need this to push the vex spin up disk into the flywheels.

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Here are three common mechanisms that convert rotary motion to linear motion. You’ll need to work out how to build them using VEX parts yourself.


If I were you I would go to YouTube to go look at other teams indexers.


I don’t have some of the parts you showed me so i could only do the bottom one but thats already a system i tried and was a little slow for me so i found another system but thanks for your suggestions anyways :+1:

If you have chain and like flaps you can create a conveyer belt.

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For those that are stumbling across this thread.

#3 shown above appears to use a metal plate mounted on a motor shaft.


Doesn’t have to be a plate, can be a gear. You can could the linkage to one of the holes around the perimeter.

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