How do I copy robot mesh local projects to online?

I’m using Robot Mesh, and I need to copy a local project to our online account. It’s a long program and I really do not want to retype the entire thing.

When I use Options > Copy Project, and select Online Project, then confirm, it gives me an error. I think this is because I’m not logged into the online account, so it doesn’t know where to copy to. But, if I am logged in, I can’t access my local projects.

Any suggestions as to how to do this? Do I just have to copy manually?

We made some updates to the online version that disabled some interoperability features of the offline version a while back and have some other things in the works that have been keeping us from reimplementing them. What language is your project written in?

It’s written in Blockly for Vex IQ.

Ah, that’s what I was afraid you’d say. Blockly’s the only one without an easy way to copy-paste through normal means. You could copy the Python version of your code over with just a quick ctrl+C and ctrl+V, but if you can’t or don’t want to switch to Python then it’s going to either be a case of waiting for us to come out with a new version of RMS Desktop or recreating your work online.

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Okay :frowning: Thanks for the answer.