How do I make a button matrix using LVGL in Pros for autonomous selection?

I’ve been trying to make a button matrix in pros using LVGL to make my team’s autonomous selection but I can’t figure out how to do it by myself. Is there any good tutorials on how to use pros to make a gui with LVGL or is there any code example code that would show me how to do it. The specific part that isn’t working is when I call the lv_btnm_set_map function I get an error that says no matching function for call to ‘lv_btn_set_map’

‘no matching function for call to …’ means that you don’t have the proper parameters for the function

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So, how would I make the string array for the map because I’ve tried and I’m not sure how to do it.

std::string arrays are built like { "string", "string" ... }

It says const char ** map is the parameter required how would I make that into an array for choosing the alliance colors red and blue.

You can find links to several tutorials here.