How do i program driver conteol in blocks because my computer doesnt support vexcode v5 pro?

Tell me pleas i have a competition soon

If ur using blocks and u need a quick solution, just set up a drivetrain in vexcode and set up the controller. Edit: vexcode blocks

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I have 6 motors 2 for the drivetrain 1 for our lift, 1 for our conveyorbelt and 1 each for both intakes
Drive train is analog sticks, lift is the up and down buttons and the coveyorbelt is R1 and R2 but i want th intakes on the same buttons

Your going to have to use an if-statement in a forever loop for when driver control. I don’t have access to my computer rn or I would make an example. This has the best example: Why can't I have both auton & driver mode on the same template?