How do I set up Monitoring?

I want to monitor the values of the sensors during a run using the Monitor window. However, the instructions from the help menu says there is a “Check box” next to the reporter block that doesn’t exist from what I’m seeing. There apparently used to be a video explaining this, but the link doesn’t work.


Thanks for reaching out about this issue. You are not the first to report issues using the updated process for monitoring sensors and variables in VEXcode VR.

We had to change the way the sensor and variable monitoring worked due to changes to support the Switch blocks. Unfortunately, we failed to update the help documents in VEXcode and we did not call out the changed process and how to use it.

You can expect that the next release of VEXcode VR will have updated content for the included help documentation to explain how to monitor sensors and variables with the new process.

We are also currently working on adding a new feature to make it easier to provide information on how to use features of VEXcode and to call out updates to existing features. You can expect to see the first stages of this in the next update to VEXcode VR.

Until we have the update released, you can find information on how to use the updated process to monitor variables and sensors at


Just a quick update on this. We just pushed out an update to VEXcode VR with these changes.

Please continue to provide feedback moving forward so that we can continue to improve the VEXcode applications.

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