How do I use the v5 inertial sensor on pros

I just don’t know which class to use. I tried the ADIGyro but it does not gives me the right values. Is there any other class that works for that sensor?

IMU support has not been officially released for PROS, due to the devs being busy over the holidays.
However, you can get an unreleased build from the pros github, under the IMU PR (pull request). A template is provided for download.


Look here for what @theol0403 said. The last post has the link. I wouldn’t play with it unless you are advanced.


thanks a lot! I don’t have knowledge on how the projects are built and how the kernel is implemented, is there a way to do this on my project?(or a way to implement this kernel to a new project)

Probably the easiest way is to download the zip from the link (at the bottom of the conversation) and extract it (then add your code). If you want to use git here is how that is done:

I would only use this for testing since it is not part of an official release.

imu.h has short descriptions of the functions. Supposedly the API is now the same between c and cpp.


I’d personally recommend using conductor instead of managing it yourself. Theo has the commands here, though for his example was for okapilib. Here you’d use kernel.

Last I heard from hotel, the imu is basically done, with names potentially changing likely being the only thing that would impact you.

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