How do we make our program work at competition

how do we make our program work at a competition because it would not work for us at last competition?

are you using the “When autonomous” function? If you’re on Vexcode pro, there is also competition templates that has it so that you can place your autonomous code into a specific area and an area where you can place your code that you want assigned to your controller etc.

Can you elaborate? By “program,” do you mean driving or autonomous? What do you mean by “work”? Has it “worked” at a site other than competition?

All of the VexCode applications have a competition template and samples. Which software are you using to program, and what competition (VRC / IQ / VexU) ?

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You can buy a competition switch directly from vexrobotics, or build your own at your own risk if you google for instructions.

One problem that a team had at our last competition was that they were not using the competition template for their code. This led to them having no control over their robot whatsoever.

autonmous and it does not work other then competition

Use the Competition Template, it has a when autonomous function which makes it so that you can use your autonomous during a competition.