How do we sync two motors for one axle using v5

When we had the old cortexes we used a Y cable to sync two motors in one port. We have v5 motors, so we do not have a Y cable. Is there a way to code so both motors will pick up the arm with one axle

What my team does for this, is by executing them in a function. Not sure if it works to the EXACT, but it has worked for us so far.

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I’m not sure what language you are using since you tagged this with vexcode yet posted in the PROS support forum… so I’ll answer for PROS.
You have two solutions:

  1. Make a function to set both motors at the same time:
//function that takes an int and sets the motors' velocity to it
void setArmMotors(int speed){
//call the function and give it a value
  1. Use an okapi motorGroup.
//we need to use okapi motor objects
okapi::Motor motor1(1);
okapi::Motor motor2(-2);// - indicates reversed
//link them together into a MotorGroup
okapi::MotorGroup armMotorGroup(motor1,motor2);
//move the motors together