How Do You Cut A Screw?

How Do You Cut A Screw? I do not understand how you cut a screw with the materials that I have available now.
2 holder thingies

Use the hacksaw to cut the screw which is held with the holder things. Back and forth, back and forth. Try to line the hacksaw up with the threads so as to not mess them up


Except how do you hold it with the holder things?
Also we cut like this:
Move two tables so there’s a little gap in between them
Place the piece that you’re going to cut on the gap
Use the two holders (clamps) to hold the thing that you’re going to cut
Cut one stroke
Holder falls apart
Repeat until cut

If you cut or plan to cut many screws use this and work on your forearm strength.


You should also put a nut on before you cut it, when you twist the nut off after you cut it will keep your threads clean


Now, the thing is we don’t have that. We only have a hacksaw.

you could go to a hardware store and buy shorter screws or you could attach the screw to some steel or a robot with a keps nut, add spacers to whatever lenght you want, and then cut at the end of the last spacer with the hack saw.

do you have a vice?


I have many vices. But of all the responses here @sankeydd is the best

Take your screw. Thread four nuts on it. Space two of the nuts on the left side of the cut, two on the right. Use some kind of “hold thing” (a vice, locking pliers, or in an extreme case:

Take a piece of 2x3x2 C channel that is more than 10 holes long.
Push the screw from the inside, put a nut on it, tighten. Put two more nuts loosely before the cut. Then put two nuts on the other side of the cut.

Have a friend / team mate / other person that trusts you to hold the C channel on a flat and sturdy surface. Use the hack saw to cut the screw.

Now take a wrench and turn the three screws down across the cut you just made, that will clean the threads.

Now take pliers, grab the scrap end, and twist the nuts across the cut ends. Tada! you created a standoff couple screw.

Safety glasses please, only two eyes to a customer.