How do you get foam off? This stuff is like crazy glue!!!

Hi… Um I’ve been wondering how you get off the vex adhesive foam? It’s been driving me crazy!!! If you even attemp to pull it off it’ll rip and you’ll have layer of foamy adhesive all over your bot. I did a crude job with it and I’ve been wanting to pull it off, but I can’t. Please help! Thanks in advance! Yay!

PS sorry I haven’t been commenting much. My teachers LOVE to give us homework and projects. Jeez…

I haven’t used the stuff before but here’s an idea. Try running a knife between the metal(Or whatever you put it on) that should get the foam off without leaving ripped parts of it on the metal. As for the adhesive stuff left on the metal you can use some fingernail polish remover. Just put some on a cloth and rub it on the adhesive.

PS: I can relate to having lots of homework!


Unfortunately, a knife doesn’t work. It’s so strong that the knife sticks to it. I’ll try nail polish remover though.

Try a bunch of different solvents if that doesn’t work. Many will eat foam it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Using a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the foam adhesive up might be enough to easily detach it with something.

In that direction if its just on metal burn it off, dont forget to wear a mast though. No burning plastic is good.

Yeah dude i know how you feel. I have had 6 projects all at the same time in this past month! I haven’t actually even been able to work on my vex robots at all. My crane 'bot has just been sitting there…


I have used some other types of foam before, and i found this one method to work pretty well. I rip off all of the real foam so you have that layer of white stuff. then, i run water on it so it loosens, and peel that off, and then put on some Glu-Gone to get rid of any residual adhesive. i hope that works for this stuff! I’ve never used vex foam before, so i’m not sure that it will.


For a truly overkill method, they sell muriatic acid (Hydrochloric acid) at Lowes.


Seriously, a solvent like 3M adhesive remover should take care of you. If you like having skin on your bones, don’t try the hydrochloric thing.

or you could set it next to my laptop, which almost melted a stick of hot glue just now…

sounds like a blast… personally i’d prefer skin on my bones, but getting vex adhesive foam off is a high priority for some :smiley: take care handling this solution if you choose to do so.


Sometimes a guy just has to have a Dremel…

Thanks for the suggstions. I’ll try goo-gone or something like that and give results for anyone else.