How do you search up a team in Robot Events?

Ya I am wondering how to search my name up in robot events

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If you know, go to a tournament that you know that team competed in and you can find them there.

You just replace the team number in the URL with the team number that you want to search up.

For example, would search up team 8059A, and would search up team 97300J.


I usually just google “robot events team XXXX” and that tends to pull up the pertinent page.

But the real question is, why is a team searching functionality not built directly into the robotevents website?


I would usually search for teams with, but apparently, It seems like the website is stuck on last season… I have the ability to make a website as I have my own server tower, so if it’s possible to somehow get robotevents API I can make something work possibly (no garuntees because I’m likely doing this for free. I have a 50/50 chance track record of having something for the public be finished on time, so it may or may not work.)

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The OP is in IQ, and vexdb doesn’t do iq, which is pretty sad imo.