How does current limiting work?

Note: I tried using google and the search bar, and have been struggling to get some of these questions answered.

How does the current work for motors? Is there any information as to motor speeds based upon the number of motors connected to the V5 Brain? When does current become restrictive (like at what time): Does the current actively change if you plug or unplug motors while the V5 Brain is on during practice? With more than 8+ motors while the robot is on, how long does it take for a just-plugged-in V5 motor to notice it is connected and start running while the robot is actively trying to communicate to said motor to go 100%?

This post explains the current (ha) system:


Thank you very much!
I think I forgot about that thread, but that sparks another question:
How would I change current of a motor VEXCode, if possible?

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Looking at the docs, there is a vex::motor::setMaxTorque overload that takes current units and a current value as parameters.