How does RECF Pick world qualifying teams when state championship cancelled?

So, The IL state championship was canceled today due to Covid-19 risks. The RECF stated they would decide the teams that got world qualifications, How does the RECF decide who goes to worlds?

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My guess would be the state skills ranks.

wouldn’t that be unfair to teams who didn’t do skills ever though?

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Not IMO. If they didn’t run skills, that’s their own fault.


I thought that they pull teams from the waitlist also. Per the new announcement:

These World Championship spots will be filled with teams from World Skills List and the Wait List.


IL State never happened so, I don’t see how they would use the waitlist to decide IL state world qualify spots.

Skills list first, then any remaining spots would go to the waitlist.

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What exactly is the waitlist?

It’s for the empty spots from China,Korea,Iran and other countries who are banned from traveling to the us.

Yes, but how is the waitlist defined? Isn’t it just the world skills rankings?

Cancellation decisions are being made very hastily due to the quickly evolving nature of this virus. FRC cancelled all their regional events this weekend, some of which were already holding drivers meetings or practice matches.

It’s quite likely that no one has yet figured out what to do as far as qualifications to Worlds. That can be determined later - right now they’re making time-critical decisions about events that are starting soon.

Just stand by for Dan or others to release more official information on what’s next. I think we can all imagine how busy they must be. By now everyone has to realize that we’re in a completely unique situation worldwide that we’ve never really dealt with before, so practically everyone from top politicians all the way down to your own families are having to figure it out on the fly. No one has all the answers right now.

Just sit tight and wait. Wash your hands a few extra times.


The Southern New England Regional Championship was cancelled yesterday, so I am in the same situation. What is likely going to happen is the skills list for your region determines who qualifies to worlds. SNE has 23 (I think) world spots, so the top 23 non qualified teams on the skills list get an invite to worlds. Its likely the same will happen to your state aswell, but I don’t know the specifics. I would get in contact with whoever runs states for you and they might have an answer.

SNE would have qualified 21 HS spots according to VRC Qualifying Criteria. Wait for communication from the RECF Regional Support Manager. Middle school championship in SNE was held end of February and teams that qualified are currently registered.

Note while there is a state of emergency declared in Massachusetts, I would not expect public schools to be allowing out of state travel.

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We just rebuilt our bot for state (I’m in IL), and haven’t had any competitions with it, so our skills score is still with our old tower bot.

Kinda sucks for us if we could have easily met the cutoff mark if they take from skills but we just weren’t able to post a score

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Since teams are often pulled from the Skills list to fill the state or regional competition anyway. If they didn’t run skills at all during the season that is their problem. At this time, assuming that worlds does go on, IMO, the spots from your state/region would be taken from the Skills scores posted in your state. Would it be unfair to teams that didn’t do skills? Not in my opinion.

Same happened to us in LA ans Bakersfield :pensive:

There is going to be NO easy way to do it, Even when the state/regional championship is held, there are a few robots that might have been worthy of qualifying for Worlds that didn’t. Unfortunately, life is like that sometimes. As much as we want it to be fair, it ISN’T.

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My boys are at 16th. Missed the cut by 1 point. Motivation for next year, though

Proves that doing skills during the year is important.

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