How Fast do the Lights Flash on the V5 Radio?

I need to know this for a project I’m working on.

Preferably in flashes/second

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Do you have a source on that?

Yes, recording in slo-mo, counting flashes, and counting frames. I have to ask though, what do you need this for?



Might I ask on what occasion you happened to stumble by this knowledge?

After reading this post :upside_down_face: (Yes, I’m really that bored)


Is it 10 on/off cycles, or 10 changes in the status of the light? Also, is it instant, or are there frames where the light is at like half-power?

Ooh, good questions. It is 10 cycles (20 changes in status), and there are half-power frames (here’s a video with the radio on screen, you can see that at some points it is not at full power). However, I’m really not sure whether the half-power is an artifact of the recording or the LEDs themselves.


It’s got to be a really high detail animation right?


Tarans gonna make an animation that looks so realistic we think its a real robot


unfortunately the vex website doesn’t appear to have the CAD files for the smart cables

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I have a new question

New theory: Taran is trying to make his own V5 system so he doesn’t have to wait 8 weeks to have a new one delivered


Just to add more info
The red leds will flash 10 times/second when radio is connected, on for 50mS and off for 50mS. When on the competition field, program running and robot is ready etc. the green leds will flash twice per second. If the radio is used for the new VEXlink robot to robot communication system, there’s yet another pattern that flashes both green and red leds.


Thanks! I appreciate the info.

Sound exiting!

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Question on the VEXLink system? Will it finally allow for the Match Mode to be supported on V5?

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For this pattern, instead of picking some boring old back and forth sequence, might I suggest a Polyrhythm?
When picking a Polyrhythm to use, you have plenty of options.

  • The 2:3 Polyrhythm (“Nice cup of tea”)

This is a great start because it is very simple and easy to recreate. (Green+Red, Green, Red, Green)
  • The 4:3 Polyrhythm (“Can you pass the butter?”)

This Polyrhythm wastes no time in getting to the excitement. It is a great choice, because it is quite complex, but really grooves once you nail it.
(Green+Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, Green)

And now for the main event! The moment you have all been waiting for, the one, the only:

  • 7:11 Polyrhythm (Seven Elevens are like the greatest thing. (7 words, eleven syllables))
    This Polyrhythm is beautiful, yet extremely challenging. It is long and intricate, and that makes it worth all the while. It makes you want to celebrate “bring your own cup day” every day of the week!
    (To see the polyrhythm in action, watch and listen for the first two in the second row.)

For more information on the EPIC 7:11 polyrhythm, watch Adam Neely’s video on them:

No matter which one you inevitably pick, please just remember to nail down the rhythm as best as possible, because that is the most important thing.

In all seriousness, thanks for reading this post and please put some thought into using a Polyrhythm for the V5 radio when using the new VEXlink system. This would not only look exiting, but also


I forgot to put a poll on the original post, so here it is:

  • 2:3 Polyrhythm (nice cup of tea)
  • 4:3 Polyrhythm (Can you pass the butter?)
  • 7:11 Polyrhythm (Seven Elevens are like the greatest thing.)
  • No Polyrhythm (boring)

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