How Many competitions should a team go to?

My team is getting In the Zone and we are doing a change up with our robot. We just went to our first competition. What are some more tips for doing skills and finding a good teammate? Also, how many competitions should we go to, there is one in a couple of weeks, and we arent sure if we should go or not. We are starting today to rebuild the robot, and should be able to finish in a couple of weeks since we just need to change two or three things. We might hit our tipping point though. We hope our coach gets starstruck.

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I’d say go to as many tourneys as you want as long as you think you can make a impact. If you have a new-untested bot then id register for one right away so you can have a learning tournament and find potential weaknesses on your bot and tidy it up after. If you have a tested bot then start driving. Sometimes, a simple proven robot is better than a new untested one, so I don’t recommend rebuilding after a tourney if you have another close after (we did that once and it sucked to have a half-built bot). Hopefully this helps.
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I would sya that once a monh is pretty good. You’ll hae plenty ogf time to work on your robot and prectice between tournamnets while still having many chance to compte. If you go to too little, you don’t get the expeience and are not exposed to new ideas you may not have thought of during cometitions and it is harder to find your weknesses in competitions. if you go to too mnay, there is not enought ime to work on your robot. It also depend on your budget between registration fees, any new parts you want to buy, and competitions fees which can range from $50 to $150 in my area, it can get expensive.


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My team usually tends to go to 5-6 a season, including our Regional Championship. We also make sure that every team attends each competition (with some caveats, some events have team limits and sometimes our other teams aren’t ready). I feel like if you can get your teams qualified for your Regional Championship, than that amount of competitions should be fine for y’all. I have heard of teams going to 1 competition and getting the same amount of fun as a team that goes to several. One thing to note is that each competition costs money to attend (plus any travel and food costs), so I would not be pushing for competitions if y’all cannot afford that). Also keep in mind that your teams should be given ample time in between competitions to rework their robots. Sometimes a couple of months are needed for a rebuild while a couple of weeks are needed for driving and programming if the robot design has been nailed down.


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My coach always signs us up for about 5 of them. It gives you plenty of opportunities for seeing the competition in your state/region, and also plenty of time to qualify for state

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Alright, we will take with our coach about this.

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