How many people on a team?

I’ve got a class of 14 students and six V5 robots. What is an ideal number to put on a team together? I originally thought I would do 3 teams out of this but should I do 2?

How experienced are they? And how competitive do they want to be? Do they want to maintain an Engineering Notebook? Do On Line challenges…?

A two-person team of very experienced builders/programmers could do well. However, they might not have time to really keep up an EN. Scouting at tournaments would also be a challenge.

Teams of 4 to 5 seem to be optimal. Especially for less experienced or mid-range teams.

Odd numbers are great because you have tie breakers.


Have an odd number of people because it helps settle debates in teams where there might be a tie. For new students, five is optimal. Any less and there won’t be enough collective experience. Anymore and it will be hard to settle on a robot design. With five people, it’s easy to maintain an engineering notebook


Brand new high school class. 2 of the girls have done LEGO robotics so they “get” the process. We’ll probably go to a couple of local tournaments. Some of the kids I have together in teams now aren’t really working well together but I hate to change up the teams at this point with about a month to go.

Last year, my team didn’t have good team dynamics at all. After that our coach was with us every time we made a big decision with the robot and it improved the robot a lot. Everybody was calmer, more productive, everything. Don’t take apart the teams because it can just cause more drama. I recommend doing what my coach did. Also, I don’t mean to be rude, but LEGO robotics did next to nothing for me when I got to vex. It’s a completely different ball game so great them like they’re new.

At my school the most people we can have on a team is four people.

My school usually has 4-5 on a team, sometimes 3.

As qwerty2 said above, Lego Robotics is nothing like VRC. They might get basic engineering concepts, but there is a lot more to VEX than that (Scouting, Notebooks, etc).


lego robotics rarely encompasses Vex robotics when it hasn’t gone to high level. You can go high level for EV3, but it doesn’t do much if you don’t which is the case for maybe 90% of the people who have done it. Since many of them who have simply brush by the competition.

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