How to add "turn" into an arcade mode

Hi! my team have and x drive, and I have already programmed an “arcade” mode were we move forward and backwards with Axis 3, and, left and rigth with Axis 4. And rigth now we use Axis 1 to turn, but they want me to add it into the left joystick. Any recomendation?

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if you are using block code and a drive train you can go to your controller in devices then click on your sticks to get the driving type you want might work in pro too not sure

The OP has already stated that they have programmed the type of drivetrain control they decided on (in this case arcade mode). They are also using VEXcode IQ, not VEXcode Pro V5 (ps its better not to comment on threads when you don’t have any meaningful/relevant advice to give).

OP why don’t you post your code so we can better guide you in solving your team’s problem : ).