how to crash robotC and a message to developers <<
Dear robotC developers. I understand that you probably get tons of requests and bug reports every single day, and that my opinion matters very little to you, but I feel my suggestions would help everyone be able to program faster and more efficiently in vex.

I know for a fact Robomatter does care about your opinions, and don’t get tons of RobotC bug reports every day

Im supprised the only thing you picked on was brace auto completion and autotab? jees i can name a ton of ways the RobotC editor sucks

if you want a real C development experience use PROS (it even has auto completion) or if that’s not an option, just use an external editor instead of the builtin one

two things, first, what is pros, second, where do I get it?

A couple more things, does pros do a good job filtering out the gyro signals? I heard that can be a problem. Can I do this in pros?

const datatype variablename] PROGMEM = {data0, data1, data2, data3 . . .}

In my experience there isnt much of a difference between the RobotC and PROS gyro implementations, other than that gyroGet gives you a less accurate degree integer (but internally stores a more accurate 32 bit value, so there is no rounding drift), PROS lets you set a scale value making it slightly easier to use

PROS has full c99 syntax support, it can do a LOT more than RobotC’s compiler with a few exceptions, if you want overloads and such just use C++

ok, but does it have built in code that handles things like rotary encoders? do you know if it is possible to program the CORTEX with arduino ide?

read the manual pls i dont have time to answer every question

you cant use the arduino ide for the cortex

The “Tutorials” section on the PROS website ( contains information on how to use encoders as well as the other available VEX sensors. The answers to any questions you may have when getting started with PROS should either be there on in the previously linked Getting Started section. Let me know if you run into anything that isn’t covered there, but as long as you’ve followed the download instructions from the site and aren’t doing anything really out of the ordinary, the website (or any online C99 tutorial for general coding questions) should have all of the information you would want.

Happy coding!

Hello Acci,

I would just like to concur that if you’re looking for a better coding experience either:

A. Use Sublime Text or Notepad++ or whatever you want, just create a file in RC and save it. Then open that file in your editor of choice (like the Arduino IDE if you really want), any changes you make (to disk that is) will instantly show up in RC as soon as it gets focus.

B. Use PROS.

As for the crash, eh. OpenBroadcaster crashes whenever I hit the reset transform button, this kind of stuff happens, in the 0.000000001% of the time you find yourself renaming robots, just don’t hit close first, submit the bug as a bug report, if it really bothers you that much.

Thanks for the feedback. We were able to reproduce the crash and will try and address this in a future update to ROBOTC. It is true that the editor used in ROBOTC has become somewhat dated, the smart indentation can be disabled in the preferences but we do understand that it has fallen behind the many features that more recent editors have. We will consider your suggestions but we have to balance many priorities when deciding where to place development effort. I would encourage you to create a new thread with a “wish list” of items you would like to see in a next generation ROBOTC editor.

Well, it seems to be that the update is being fixed by @jpearman who is part of Robomatter, who I think he cares very much about the issues if they are brought up like this :wink:
I have no experience with PROS, nor I downloaded anything of PROS. Is there a reason why I should switch from ROBOTC to PROS in spite of the fact that ROBOTC has a higher chance of crashing?

PROS provides a more true-to-industry experience in general.

For one, you get to use a real IDE like Eclipse or Visual Studio. Alternatively, you can use any text editor of your choice without having to deal with a dated interface to download code to your robot.

Secondly, you get a comprehensive set of documentation in 2 different places - one offline; one online.

Thirdly, the execution speed of your code will be faster, as PROS code runs natively on the Cortex without any firmware.