How to create Tether Cable (VEX Smart Cable) in SnapCAD?


Could somebody advise how to create/draw the ​Tether Cable (VEX Smart Cable) in SnapCAD?
Also, once the Tether Cable was created, how to connect them between the RobotBrain & Motor under ClawBot?


In SnapCAD, not really doable. In LDCad for VEX (, you drop a cable template onto the drawing and it will create a new submodel for you. In this submodel, you’ll be able to move/rotate the cable ends and also add pivot points along the cable length, move them, twist them and change the turning diameter.
Better yet, once you save this file in LDCad, you can still open it in SnapCAD and you’ll see your generated cable there too.

Great! Thanks Nenik, will try it in LDCad.


I’ve tried to install LDCad following your previous suggestion but the installation didn’t successful.
The VEX IQ parts didn’t appear in the part preview pane also when I tried to open sample file i.e. V_Rex.mpd, there are no completed image/structure but all of them have shown only the structure’s spots.

Do you have any suggestion?




I’ve downloaded and install LDCad following your suggestion, but when open there are no parts shown in parts preview pane. So I tried to open sample file such as V_Rex.m​pd there also no image but only structure’s spots shown up.

Could you suggest?



LDCad is generally a Lego CAD and need a parts library.

If you downloaded the installer (, it should have contained the VexIQ parts and everything preconfigured. But judging from the screenshot, it doesn’t look like Windows to me. Linux? In such a case, you’d need to follow a more complicated setup process that involves downloading the parts library ( and extra support files (shadow, part bins, donors) to provide into your “normal” (not “for VEX”) LDCad.
Then you’d need to go to Prefs->LDraw->Search paths and let it know where all those libraries are.

Let me know what OS you’re on and whether you need more assistance setting it up. It is certainly worth it!

Edit: I have found an old tutorial how to set up plain LDCad for VEX:
You can try following that one, just pick newest part bundle.


I’ve tried following your instruction carefully, but the parts are still not appeared in the part preview pane.
Here is my OS: ​Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 8.00 GB (RAM), 64-bit OS, x64-based processor.


I mean OS as in Windows, MacOS or Linux?
Anyway, what do you see in the dialog that opens from Prefs->LDraw->Search Paths?
The table in the dialog should have an entry of “Type: Official” and “Location:” pointing to the folder where you have the VexCAD parts.

For example, my official library entry points to folder VexCAD/parts. The contents of this folder is:
VexCAD/parts/p/ (another folder)
VexCAD/parts/parts/ (yes, “parts” folder in “parts” folder)

Okay, it’s Windows 10 pro. I’ve tried several ways and the parts are now appearing in the parts view pane, but in the color bin is showing no multiple colors there are only Black and Gray, could you suggest on this? Thanks,​

Strange the installer didn’t set it up for you properly, I haven’t seen that issue on Windows, though I am using it mainly on Linux so what do I know…
Anyway, as far as I know, the colors are defined in the file parts/LDConfig.ldr, mine contains:

0 Configuration File - Version for VEX - 2015/12/17
0 Name: LDConfig.ldr
0 Author: Philo

0 // VEX LDraw Solid Colours
0 !COLOUR VEX_Black CODE 0 VALUE #25282A EDGE #595959
0 !COLOUR VEX_Green CODE 2 VALUE #009639 EDGE #333333
0 !COLOUR VEX_Red CODE 4 VALUE #D22630 EDGE #333333
0 !COLOUR VEX_Pink CODE 5 VALUE #E56DB1 EDGE #333333

Thanks Nenik, will retry.


I finally be able to get the color bin, but having another issue that is the ​umbrella pin or editing pin doesn’t show up.
Could you help?

Also how to snap the parts together? How to rotate only one part and don’t allow another parts in work area rotated?


Hi Nenik

Do you know what is the definition of “Part Center” under “Rotation Points” in SnapCAD? Could you tell me what is necessary for using this function? I don’t see it necessary in part rotation and only “Part Origin” should be enough for part rotation.