How to design scissor lift

how to design scissor lift?please teach me detailedly



I would recommend making a 4 bar, or dr4b (double reverse 4 bar) as (imo) they are much better than scissor lifts


because i think it more easy

It is not at all easier. It is hard to remove friction and make it all run super smooth. but what @YesSir said is accurate.

here is an example of a good one

i think i need a tutorial,because i dont understand it completely

There are quite a few discussions of scissor lifts on the forum such as this one Scissor Lifts - Best Type and Parts?. Please use the searchbar next time, it’s a powerful tool.

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I highly recommend not doing a scissor lift. a 4 bar is one of the easiest lifts, while a scissor lift is one of the hardest. also you don’t need a scissor to lift something 18".


For this season, use scissors only if you want to lift straight up, and for a short distance.

In my experience, scissor lifts are garbage. It’s too hard to make, very expensive at time if u dont already have enough parts or prior experience. 4bars are much better, easier and more effective overall

One of the problems with scissor lifts are the amount of joints they have can make them very unstable. If you want to make a good scissor lift make sure you use at least two points of contact along the axle/ screw joints. I would recommend using the c channel coupler and baring flats to make a box around each joint (on the inside and outside beam) or turning the c channel on its side and using bearing flats. Also, avoid metal on metal joints (including bolts and nuts) and make sure to space everything out evenly with the nylon spacers. It might also be useful to use rubber bands or latex depending on how much you want to lift. Finally, make sure you power both sides of your lift evenly. (I have never built a scissor lift, but this is how I would do it if I did). Good Luck!

Scissor lifts are not the move. I used a scissor lift my freshman year and it was bad. Instead, please do a dr4b, or even a 4b. Those lifts are way better than scissor lifts in speed, stability, and in many cases, height. Dr4bs are very forgiving and there is a reason they are among the most common lifts in Vex.

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Instead of building a sccisors lift, I suggest building either a DR4B or 6 bar. They are going to be much more efficient in this years game. Unless you want a scissors lift for a wall bot. Try building one of those lifts or perhaps you wanna try the hoodbot.