How to download program from Brain to Computer

I think this topic is very self explanatory; Thanks for the help

So you plug a usb cable into your computer, then to your brain. On the side where you plug the battery cable. There is a port that looks like a trapezoid. Plug that in and on your program. It should show controller and brain icon green. Then You click download. You can alos download from the controller. On the bottom of the controller. There is the same shape and you plug into that instead of the brain. But make sure both the Brain and Controller along with the vex net key are on and connected.

AC_SL1024 This is the USB.

Confirm this is downloading From the brain to the computer right?


Do you want to download programs from the BRAIN to the COMPUTER?


I’m assuming you want code on the brain that you currently don’t have. In that case, that’s not possible, have the coder share the code with you

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You can save the code as a .v5code (or something like that) file on your computer

Yeah i dont think its possible. Maybe plug it in and check to see if you see that file like doctor said but you cant reverse that thing.

So we have two coders. Me and someone else, who is adamant NOT to share anything on the team GitHub… so I have to improvise

Wow. Thats not right. Well try to talk to them and ask for the code. You are a team.

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You cant download from brain to computer. All that is sent to the brain is the compiled code and some metadata; you wouldn’t be able to get your original code from that.

Hmmm… so u decide to work now? Took u long enough

if you are talking to @24yshukla then please be nice on the forums. Unless you know more of the situation then i will step back

Oh he’s the other coder

Ah. Ok then makes a lot more sense. Just work together and teach each other and learn from mistakes. Both of you have one goal. To get to worlds and you need to be in sync with each other to accomplish that. if one of you is not good at it then either learn or step back and build. Or help the one that isn’t good at it so both of you are in the same page. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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