How to fix Robot Mesh Code

I am new to robot mesh

How do i solve this problem on my code

The API is here Vex IQ C++ API

Here is the code so you can modify it

// VEX IQ C++ Project
#include “vex.h”
using namespace vex;

//#region config_globals
vex::brain Brain;
vex::motor driveRightFront(vex::PORT1);
vex::motor driveRightBack(vex::PORT2);
vex::motor driveLeftFront(vex::PORT5);
vex::motor driveLeftBack(vex::PORT6);
//#endregion config_globals

void setDrive(int left, int right) {
driveLeftBack = left;
driveLeftFront = left;
driveRightBack = right;
driveRightFront = right;

void resetDriveEncoders() {
vex::motor::resetRotation(vex::motor driveRightFront);

double avgDriveEncoderValue() {
return (fabs(float vex::motor::rotation(driveRightFronts)) +
fabs(float vex::motor::rotation(driveRightBack)) +
fabs(float vex::motor::rotation(driveLeftFront)) +
fabs(float vex::motor::rotation(driveRightFront)) / 4;