How to get the position of objects with the vision sensor

I want to be able to use the vision sensor to track the positions of the goals relative to our robot, but when I have been doing research, I have been getting conflicting information.
Most people are saying that the x and y values show the x and y position of the object on the screen, but the official vision sensor page says:

The Vision Sensor provides a robot with new capabilities and allows for expanded learning. It uses a dual ARM M4/M0 processor for object detection at 50Hz. At its most basic mode it tells you where a colored object is located. The location’s X value gives you the position right and left. When the camera is tilted down, the Y value gives you the distance to the object, with a little basic trigonometry on your part.

And are there any resources that have information on how to use it?
Is it even possible to get the position of an object with the vision sensor?

Not sure what research you’ve done, but a super quick Google search brought this up:

Post 5 has the diagrams and explanation.