How to get the robot from the middle of the table

With the larger field, how will teams reach their robots to be able to reset it?

On the floor is a problem, but on a table top/riser elementary school students don’t have the arm/body reach to get to the other side.

Will people construct “Sheep Hooks” out of VEX parts that are 4’ long to reach across? Will EP’s need to supply a pair of hooks per table?


just make a small step, or buy a step stool.

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Historically step stools are not allowed as a safety issue (people stepping off the stool by accident)

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They’ve sort of addressed this at the end of <G17>:

If the Drivers cannot reach the Robot due to the Robot being in the center of the field, the Drivers may ask the referee to pick up the Robot and hand it to the Drivers for placement according to the conditions above.


If you are talking about after a match is over and the scoring is OFFICIAL I just drive mine back to me.

The OP’s question is about retrieving the robot per rule G-17 (assuming it has become undrivable), or RSC-7, resetting during autonomous skills challenges. In both cases, referees with long arms will be of value to help younger students!

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