How to Increase the Speed Past 100% in VEXcode Pro V5

I would like to make the drive velocity of my robot higher than 100%.
I’m using green motors for the drivetrain.
Would anyone know a way to increase in this way?


There is a reason it is called 100%. You can’t go faster by changing the code. If you want to go faster, you will need a gear ratio.


Yep, giving a 110% only occurs in cheesy sports movies and really lame management seminars.


Is there a way to trick the program into making you go faster?

Lmao imagine like a hot swap for your gear ratios, fully automatic with vex parts. Doing match auton? HOTSWAP THAT BAD BOI TO BLUE. Someone trying to push your robot? SWITCH TO RED INSERTS BOIS. Need just general goodness? BADABINGBADABOOM NOW THERES AN ALL PURPOSE BOI.

A guy on my team made a vex ankle grinder (I am not joking) out of only vex parts so I doubt it’d be impossible. However even I, the madman of 7121, am too terrified to try.

No, the motors can’t go faster that 100%.


I got to admit 9 you did him dirty. I like it

if you use even 100% for a drivetrain for over a comp length then you will most likely ruin the motors lol.

Okay, thanks for the info!

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Run your drivetrain a 100% speed is perfectly normal and the most efficient use of motor power. If you are ruining your drive motors by running them at 100% speed, you have some kind of issue with your drivetrain.


Or you just can’t buy motors because they’ve been out of stock for a year. We burnt out two motors in three days jsut because they’re so old now.

Or your build quality is bad. Motors don’t just brake, because they are old.

Well we were pushing our robot quite a bit… we were doing scrimmages and driver skills all the time, though our motors didn’t overheat when they broke, they still overheated all the time. Plus they’re two years old, with them doing that every day four hours a day.

There is a VERY big difference between a motor overheating and a motor breaking.


I mean v5 motors are pretty notorious for simply breaking under normal usage. Usually through static related issues. They don’t break all that often for me, but I’ve gone through a couple this season.

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Ah well the important part is if we break another we can now get some since our sister team is done with this season

Run your motors with voltage control, it bypasses the limiter

W u t

Impossible. Send proof you can do this because if you can… I’ve figured out my match auton

Not really, but it does give the motors a little more that telling them to go at 100% does. Because of the built in pid that the motors follow, when you tell them to go at 100 they’re really going at like 98. But with voltage you can ensure that it’s always giving all it can be. The difference is quite small though, and only just noticeable on your drive.


I sure hope you meant angle grinder but if you do have an actual ankle grinder I would love to see it

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