How to make a CAD file

Does anyone know how to make a CAD file, what website I could use and if it is free or not,

Fusion 360 and Inventor are great to start. They are free for one year on the website if you are able to upload a picture of your school id to them when you make an account ( you can renew your student account every year as long as you have a current school ID)


If you want it to be Online you can use Onshape. A really easy one to use and learn is Protobot which is a student made one and its completley free. Protobot Beta 1.3 is now available! here is the info you need. I


Yes…but there are more options, too, there’s a link on this post… Dankest Vex Memes? - #3229 by kmmohn


There is also Protobot. It’s free, you can search it up on YouTube or the Internet to get links. It’s easy to learn/use, but is limited in its parts (No flex wheels, pneumatics, 24/48/72 tooth gears, gussets, etc). Hopefully you find a CAD software that works for you.


They actually added all those parts (except pneumatics) in the most recent update.


How about Cut Parts? would i have to create my own model?

cut as in custom lenght or cut as in like custom cut and fromed metal? i think in protobot ther are all lenght pices

Once you have chosen a cad system, you will need to spend some time with some tutorials to learn how to use the cad. In the process of learning the cad system you will learn how to cut parts and make new parts. Beginners simply assemble pre-model parts. More advanced users, and in industry, you model parts yourself, and you get purchased part models from your vendors.

Remember, college students get two-year degrees in CAD, so don’t expect to be making great models until you have spent at least some time learning the software.

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mmmk thanks, one more thing is in @ERROR101 he said that Fusion 360 would be a good pick, does anyone got a tutorial on how to sign up for it but not pay money? He said upload picture of your school id, but is how do you do that? when i selected “educational role- student” for the institution type there were only high school and university, but im in middle school. so yeah. so got a video that can help?

There is a free hobbyist version. I don’t remember what information it needs but it is free as long as you are not selling models.

When I signed up, I just put a different graduation year.