How to make the gears stop clicking

To make it stop it just easy except that you have to take almost everything apart to change the gears to make it stop, there might be a broken tooth


This is in the wrong sections it has nothing to do with programming and doesn’t even truly cover how to stop gears from making clicking sounds(skipping).

Yes there might be a broken tooth but there could also be poor spacing among other things


I’m new to this so I did not know it was in the wrong place. But yes it could be because they are not close together

I’m going to assume that, like your last post (after it was pointed out), you’re trying to explain a solution to a somewhat common issue?

First, if you are trying to explain something as if it were a guide, I’d suggest changing the title to something that doesn’t make it sound like you’re confused and asking the question.

Second, I would not make separate posts for each individual issue, just make one general post covering everything.

Third, the search bar is your friend:

Oh, and if you are making guides, I’d also suggest re-reading your post before you actually post it to make sure the grammar and spelling are correct and make sure it’s written in a way others can understand easily.


Ok that was a lot of reading could we both have a lesson for me how to do this??


If you think that’s a lot of reading, I don’t know what you’re expecting in the future, neither of those threads has a ridiculous amount of reading.

I don’t know what you’re asking either, you want a lesson on how to avoid gears clicking?

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