Gear Clicking Causes

I was driving yesterday when our DR4B’s gears started clicking. We do have a universal axle across, so I think one of the motors on one side might have stopped, but if this isn’t the case, does anyone else know any major causes of gears clicking?

Means the c-channels that support the DR4B aren’t close enough together and the axles are able to bend.

So I need to space my axles better?

Our lift was rubber banded when this was occuring, though I have since unbanded it to work on it.

My daughter calls that “The sound of VEX sadness and failure.”

Can you send pictures of the mechanism? The most common cause is something loose that is allowing the axle to shift around. Or it could be the axle bending as previously mentioned. Pictures would be almost the only way to help you out here.

I’ll try. The main problem is my phone can’t upload pictures to the computer, so I have to kidnap my friends smart phones to do it. Otherwise we’d already have a pic of the complete bot out.

Before we converted to high-strength, we knew our shafts needed replacing when something in the main lift’s gear train was clicking horridly. Especially if it’s a high-torque situation, the normal shafts can bend and twist like playdough.

Is it the external gears clicking (skipping teeth) or could it be the internal gears in the motors? If its external, make sure the shafts are as well supported as possible, as close to the gears as you can get them. And make sure all your bearings are tight and not worn out too bad.

oh yeah that’s a good point. If it’s a really fine, kinda quiet click, then it’s a motor. Skipping gears are always really loud and obnoxious.

my mogo lift goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka, skibiki-pap-pap

and then breaks

looks like a taste of music issue… /s

@briancole we had a similar issue on the old version of our robot, it was due to our DR4B “gearbox” being too wide, allowing the axles to bend slightly and the gears to come apart just enough to slip sometimes.

If you don want to redo the spacing on your gearbox just put a ziptie between your 2 shafts to keep it from flexing…