How to Mimic a Response from the RobotEvents API

How would you mimic a response from the RobotEvents API?
Is there like a resource for that?

What do you mean by “mimic the response”?

If you want to get data from the API, ask for access.

If you just want some examples of what the data returned by the API looks like, you can make some example queries on the documentation page (login required to view that page) and save a copy of the JSON returned.


I want to test how many matches in a competition can be shown before having to parse a different page, but also test it.

I already have access to the RobotEvents API.

I have found the limit to be 250 records. Anything higher and it will default to 250. You can append the query string with &per_page=250


That’s very useful! Thank you!

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