How to simulate VEX robots in virtual environments?


This is a question we get asked often, so we tried to put something together to help everybody get started with what we call “system-level simulations”. If you are ever wondering things like:

How many motors do I really need? How fast will my robot be able to move? Where can my robot reach? Anyways, any design questions. Simulations are always useful before, during, or even after building a robot. Whether you want to just simulate your mechanisms or model field interactions this blogpost will teach you how to setup simulations from any existing CAD.

Also, feel free to add other useful simulation resources to this thread!

Hope you guys like it.


Jose Avendano - MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena
The MathWorks


Adding where to find MATLAB and Simulink files for VEX Robot programming.

Autonomous and driver control templates for physical (Real-life) VEX V5 Clawbot here.
Autonomous and driver control templates for simulated VEX V5 Clawbot (Virtual robot) here.

If you still need a complimentary license or want a guide to get started with MATLAB and SImulink go here.