How to stop drive motors from overheating

We have a 4 motor drive with mecanums, for a week we could run them for like 2 hours straight programming auton, but after a week they started burning out in 15 minutes. After swapping out motors it still happens, Actually most of our motors suddenly started to overheat. Could it be a problem with vexcode? We are also switching to pros soon.

the integrity of your drive may have started to degrade. after a lot of practice and use, your chassis may become not so square anymore, meaning more friction on your wheels.


We tested at our tourney, and they are freespinning when you disconnect them from motors. Like the can spin for about 20 seconds

+1 to Xenon27 on that one. It’s true, as you drive your robot will begin to flex and bend. this will cause more friction

We have replaced 3 of the 4 drive motors, and they all seem to burn out so im assuming it could be with vexCode

oh ok then friction is definitely not the issue. that is strange, I have perceived my motors getting tired much more quickly when running auton as opposed to just driver practice. not sure if this is just me though.

This should not be a problem with VEXCode. In this case it must be the robot brain. Before starting a new team I used to be on a team where our motors would burn out frequently. You may have to send the brain back to vex and ask for a new one in replacement for a fautly one.

I didn’t know that, will vex replace cortex’s like that?

They will, I have been shipped new brains within 2 days or less. Just tell them it was faulty and it needs replaced

Damn i didn’t think vex would do that. I might consider contacting them soon then

I would advise against jumping to conclusions with such little information. it is unlikely that it is the brain imo, and also unlikely that it is a coding issue. I know you say the friction is really low, but this still sounds like a mechanical issue to me.
it could still be a coding issue though, for example if you have motor holds being activated on your drive it will probably do this to it. even brake is trying on drive motors.


We have braking turned off because we don’t want the drive to be too jumpy


if you post your code we can see if anything stands out as something that would be likely to stall your motors.

I would argue that I am not necessarily jumping to conclusions. I have had past experience with this and in a situation where the wheels are working fine and they are the primary problem, I would say that the Brain needs replaced.

This is no doubt a sign of a faulty brain. Have you ever had motors burn out in 15 minutes?

you can burn out your motors in far less than 15 minutes for any number of reasons.

I find it unlikely that you can say with such certainty that stalls in 15 minutes is without a doubt caused by a faulty brain.

@Delirious if you have any sister teams or access to any other brains elsewhere, you can easily test this unlikely theory. perhaps @jpearman can provide some insight as to whether motors have gotten weaker due to a faulty brain before.

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haha we are a private team so we dont rip

also it could be the weight of the cubes, but idk why the motors die so quickly.

you do lose a bit of power using mecanums, and cubes can be heavy. depending on how heavy your robot is, it is possible, though unlikely, that your drive just isn’t powerful enough.

We have an all aluminum bot, it weighs like 6-8 pounds i think. We haven’t actually weighted it yet but when I pick it up its about that heavy. Its like 30% bot and 70% electronics. With 10 cubes its probably like an extra few pounds

Is this a V5 system ?