How to switch the program between the driver skill and autonomous?

Hi, it is our first time, and we have a question about the program. the coding for the driver skill match is different from the coding for the autonomous program. During the competition, we are only allowed to bring one robot, how can we switch these two programs during two different match types? Thanks!

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You are able to download 2 separate codes onto your brain. Just have them both in saved files, open them one at a time on your computer on the vex app, and download them into the robot, but make sure you change the slot number at the top before you download the second one. Then when you go to the main screen on your brain, you should see both of them. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, it is very helpful. We are using scratch based vexcodeiq app.

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This sounds like a VRC answer to an IQ post.

In IQ you can have separate files downloaded to the same brain. 1 for driver and a different one for auton.


You will put the code in a different slot as shown. There are 4 for gen 1 (as shown) and 8 for gen 2. However, you generally only want ONE auto program, and then use different buttons to run different parts of the program. You can also use bumpers or touch LEDs, but the brain buttons are already there!



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