How to use encoder Vex V5

I am using the X button and the while command to spin the motor. The thing is I want the motor to stop after 1000 degrees. How can I do that?

If using VEXcode V5 text, motor::rotateFor is your friend here.

If using VEXcode V5 blocks, you can use this block:

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thank you but I am a total amateur when it comes to vex v5. I use vex v5 text. Can you show me an example of how to use it?

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The latest version of the VEXCode comes with a lot of built-in examples and tutorials:

Also, you may want to browse through the Getting Started section on

There are several sample programs that demonstrate how to use V5 Smart Motor built-in encoders. For example this one:

As @holbrook you need to use rotateFor() function:

//Rotate the Left and Right Motor for degreesToRotate.
LeftMotor.rotateFor(degreesToRotate, rotationUnits::deg, false); //This command must be non blocking.
RightMotor.rotateFor(degreesToRotate, rotationUnits::deg); //This command is blocking so the program will wait here until the right motor is done.
//The motors will brake once they reach their destination.
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