How to Use Robot Events API Token

How to Use Robot Events API Token

Hi, yesterday I was given access to the robot events API token. How will I use this in python to access the API and get info?

Thank You

Did you get an API link and a turorial on how to modify the links to receive specific information? If you did it most likely would be perceived as a json (I haven’t got access to the API but most API’s have links that generally return jsons.) I haven’t started using python yet but if you’re planning on using the internet make sure that it has access to HTTP get and post requests. As an addition there’s tutorials out there for python, and also a discord server to use Python as well.


The documentation is public.

You need to provide the bearer authorization token (the thing you should have received when you were given access) as a header with your request.

Check out these examples on Stack Overflow for how you can implement this in Python: