How To Use VEX Code VR Text

hey guys, I figured this out by mistake and figured I should share it: when you open up the VEX VR text programming software it automatically seems that it is a blank slate, but if you press run it drives forward 200 meters. Why? It already has a command to make it do so, and that is where you write your program.

doesnt happen to me, maybe just u

This makes it sound like there is already a command in the IDE, which would make sense given what you were saying about the robot moving forward.

I’ve never extensively used VR so I’m not sure, but it could just be default code in there that you could just go ahead and remove.

There is a small piece of example code to show you where to put your user code:


You can delete line 15, it’s just an example. But this is where your code should be.


There is a default program it says :

drivetrain.drive_for(FORWARD, 200, MM)