I hacked Fling for Pitching In!

Every year VEX designs and publishes a “hero bot” for the competition. For the Pitching In season the robot is Fling. A lot of teams start out building Fling and some of them continue to modify Fling to get better. (Yes, a lot of teams start from scratch too).

I’m interested in what your team did to enhance Fling but kept most of the design intact.

For lots of teams the next four weeks wrap up their season. Before you rip your robot apart, please post a picture or a description of what you did to improve Fling to play the game better. I’m putting this out now as a place holder and a request.

@Sidoti had posted this item that explained one use for the little nubs at the top of superstructure And I think most of the roboteers know that using a pair of Omni wheels can help the steering and positioning the robot to enhance the aim.

But we know there is more that can be done, show your inventive side. (I know that there are not a lot of VEXIQ roboteers on the forum, if you are a Mentor / Coach, feel free to post for your team.)