I have to ask which is better Python or C++

I am still fairly new to coding but I am wondering which is better, python looks easier to write but is C++ better? Which would you recommend?

You really can’t go wrong either way. People will have their preference but once you start learning the structure of code you will be able to do either.

I code professionally in c# but I do fine helping students with c++ or python.


So its mainly preference, now its just a rumor or something that I heard was that c++ loads faster or runs faster than python. Is this true?

C++ generally is more optimized, however I doubt you will be taxing the brain enough to feel the effects. I personally program in Python, as it’s what is easiest to teach the new students on the team, and my current programming skills is a 180, so you can still be extremely successful with either. Just go with whichever you know best, or the one you would rather learn.


If you are new, go for Blocks, it’s the easiest and you can do 99% of what you want in blocks. Once you get the logic part down, it’s easy to switch to Python (just click the button to transform your Blocks code to Python)


May I ask what the other 1% is?

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I suspect it’s more than 1%.
Have a look at the projects here, intermediate level drive code for a clawbot.

More or less the same project in blocks, Python and C++, except I skipped doing a full implementation in blocks because too hard/too painful.

Also, be careful using the auto-generated code from blocks, you have to have a different approach to block programming than Python/C++, some concepts translate well but others really do not.