I think vex is trying to tell us something...


in the banana zone 2018-2019 game confirmed

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Bananas don’t float on water. No water game next year :frowning:

2018-2019 Game- “Going Bananas”

there will never be a water game with he electronics

We all still live in hope that the V5 will be waterproof.

If it was going to be waterproof, VEX would have given it some cheesy name like VEX HYDRO or something like that.

and make you pay $100 per square centimeter of waterproof coating because its ** *Vex™ certified * **

And you have to get VEX water and a VEX 100000 gallon practice field.

They use heavy water, so the molar mass is different.

Don’t forget the VEX certified water cooler

And the 4 pack of their “water-certified” c-channel 6 packs for $53.99.

And the The Vex^tm Certified HYDRO Gears along with the The Vex^tm Certified HYDRO motors


We would need the new SMC Waterproof **VEX HYDRO ** pneumatics as well

But then for all of this you need VEX FRUITS waterproof bananas.

Also VEX HYDRO boat propellors.

And certified vex waterproof HYDRO FOAM TILES and field perimeter

Then in the event reveal video the background music will be row row row your boat

The vex field would only hold 1032.24 gallons of water assuming 12X12X1 foot area with 1/2" mats on the bottom. There would have to be a bit less water used in order for the water not to spill out once game and field elements are added and then placing robots inside.

I would estimate about 750 gallons of water in order to not have too much spill out during a match. I happen to know someone on the GDC and they know the math.


I agree, but there can be a mineral oil game. That way we don’t have to worry about electronics.

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