I think vex is trying to tell us something...

You can’t make your own either

That’s the whole point they don’t check anything except the official Q and A

Except clearly Drow

who’s Drow

@DRow sorry for misspell

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oh thanks for clearing that up

what me???

Don’t forget the Vex^TM HYDRO Water certified zip ties for $10 each

And an assortment of propellers ($43.95 for 2 pack), high traction propellers ($51.94 for 2 pack, and an upgrade kit for the standard ones for $16.96), omni propellers (only in 3 packs for $71.93), and mecanum propellers ($255.99 for a 5 pack)

you forgot the vex HYDRO propeller tank treads, $4.99 per track segment

Oh and worlds will Now be held in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so you will need to travel in the official VEX HYDRO submarine, only $700.99 per minute.

*per second

Would be pretty salty :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget the VEX HYDRO certified sea salt which goes for $4.99 per ounce

maybe the competition is to literally “get to worlds”

may the best survive

And may the odds be ever in your favor

yeah that’s what the ocean is

no robots next year, just boats with arms, get dq’ed for flipping opponents