Ideal team size?

What is the Ideal size of a VRC team?

more than one and less than 1,000,000

  • hope that helps.

I personally like between 2 and 5 per team ( two being a bit on the small side and 5 being a bit on the large side )


Ok so you have my minimum - but don’t you think that 200,000 * 5 is a better idea of a puny 5???

ok let’s get serious - why are you asking?

generally, you want enough ppl around to solve problems - for example, during competition up to three members will be on field… who will be at pit area to support or respond to judge interviews or teams scouting or alliance partners in up coming matches. How about team members scouting other teams or team members watching matches of potential alliance partners or opposing alliances…

Finally, who will sit down with you and have ice cream after a bad day…

the list goes on - robotics! it takes a village to make a competitive team whole!


For the last two years I have been on teams with only 2 people including myself. I agree this is not the ideal way, but it does work.
Here’s some more info:


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In general, I would say 3


In my school, we have found that 3 person teams are ideal for us; we increase to 4 or maybe 5 in certain scenarios such as a team with less experience that will receive more coaching. 3 people on a team means that all members actually contribute. This is one of the reasons we prefer Vex to some first programs. In FRC, many team members will never touch the robot or write a line of code. With three members, everyone is participating and contributing.


Our organization runs most teams 3-5 students. We’ve tried larger a couple times over the years, but it never worked out well. Under 3 is workable, but not ideal.


In my skl every team iq or edr or u or whatever is in teams of 5. However only 3 ppl axc go from each team. Every team has 1 or 2 wastemen

In HS my team had 5 people on it
In VEXU my team has 10-15 people split into subteams and with a lot of documentation and lean project management

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Depend on the experience of your team. In my school we typically make multiple teams to make sure we include many people in the program. With one team, it’s all experienced seniors that won 4th in state last year, but there’s only 3 in that team. With the less experienced teams having 4-6 depending on how many people in the program and who works well with each other.

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