Ideas for Blue dispenser (Slapshot)

Me and my team have been having trouble finding a good way to get the disks on the blue dispenser into our loader. we have so far been using mechanisms like a plate to slide them into it, but we haven’t found a way for them to go in so they do not jam our shooter. If any ideas please send.

Our robot is a seesaw- flywheel, so I would need to know what type of robot you have and see if our blue dispenser would help you.

You can use flaps or bars that the disks hit as they roll down your ramp to ensure they go flat into the loader. But we can only help so much without pictures.

Personally, I found a regular 3 bar with a small arm to be the best (look at ben lippers design on youtube). While my team is using a seesaw mechanism, the mechanism for taking the blue took a while for my team to get down. I think the 4 bar is the easiest as long as you have a basket to carry the discs beforehand

We have a propeller shooter. it is at the front of our bot though. The funnel is on the back and the loader is right above it with our previous design for a blue dispenser under the funnel.

Use a 4-bar lift installed directly on top of your funnel or mag.

i recommend a mechanism like this one
if u cant recolect disc add it an offset right angle beam at top, making possible to activate the dispenser from da part where the disc falls (if i can, i can send u a photo of this one)

alt idea:

I highly recommend a gear ratio that adds torque, as a direct motor is often too weak to lift the blue dispenser. I personally just use a little bar with a angle beam on it.