Ideas for Vex IQ Squared Away


My idea is that we should be able to build a robot that does not push the cubes but lifts them up and places them in their correct location. we should also build a intake that would intake the balls and place them onto the cube. Also, we should make a motorized claw that would flip the two cubes on the sides because they are upside down.



Those all sound like great ideas.

I would encourage you to consider the robot as a series of steps… Step 1, the robot is able to push blocks; Step 2, the robot can lift blocks, Step 3, The robot can turn blocks over

It does not have to be those steps in that order, but just pointing out that you can build in a series of steps



Ok thx for helping me out I will defiantly consider your idea



Anyone else have any good ideas for vex iq squared away



I was thinking an elevator lift on one side that when lifted, will lift the cube, and when lowered, can flip one. In the middle of the robot will be a 2 bar lift with 2x20 pieces, there will be a claw of sorts at the end of it to pick up balls, and deposit them in/on the cube carried in the back. This different design is primarily because I don’t have the parts for a solid intake, and the parts that would work are more needed elsewhere.



I think we will see some cool conveyor style loaders this year to get balls on top of cubes: vertical or inclined; side rollers or top/bottom rollers



you guys think it will be almost the same as Bankshot where they had a intake