Ideas for Vex IQ Squared Away

Anyone has any other ideas for designing with balls?

I think most of the ways for balls have been described here. Passive intakes like scoops. There are powered ones like claws or conveyors. Our IQ team’s robot is using rollers and stores the balls.

my sister is makeing a storage unit for the balls it should hold like 12 balls

We can follow bankshot which can hold about 20

yeah but this game is a lot harder and more complicated

that’s a good start just need some good chopsticks and you’ve won worlds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some bank shot designs might work, but they’re not really that effective in terms of scoring on top of cubes.

not yet u gotta change them up a little be original

The bank deposit bots.

That’s awesome! My team and i are working on some kind of elevator but we just cant fit it into the size requirements. The requirements are 11"x19"x15" Just wondering if u guys have any ideas. Thanks!

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u got picks ??? or cad or something

the 11x19x15 should be plenty to allow you to build an elevator. When you say you can’t fit the elevator to the size requirements, what do you mean? The entire elevator mechanism won’t fit on the robot, or the elevator when lifting a cube would exceed the 15" limit? Maybe post some pictures to understand the issue you are having?

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I’m thinking of a bot with a conveyer on one side that picks up balls and brings them to the top of the robot. The balls will fall onto the cube on the other side of the bot. It will hold the cubes with an IKE like design so it can grab the bottoms of the cubes and lift them to any platform. There will also be little hooks in some parts (unplanned) to drag red and blue cubes. That’s the rough idea at least.

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My roboteers experimented using a single worm gear to power their 4 bar. They evaluated it that they would only need 1 motor, they could mount it in the middle, keeping the robot balanced, they would not need to apply power to keep the arm up saving battery life and the slower speed of the worm wasn’t a detriment.

They were installing it this last practice. The backdrive they saw from the 4 bar was more than expected. They have not yet successfully been able to brace the motor and it’s output shaft. The shaft keep getting pulled out of the motor when no power is applied and the arms are up.


also dr4b is 100% beter if u are using whay ur saying

Sorry my team and I had a terrible design. We have now found a good one. Thanks for all the help guys!