If and how a "thin sheet" can be used on VEX IQ robot


My team has a question about if and how the “thin sheet” material can be used on VEX IQ robot.

The question is related to an official VEX IQ part, which is a “Thin Sheet Attachment Pin (50-pack)”. Here is the web page of the item:

The description of this pin item says that it is used to “Attaches a thin sheet (up to 0.25mm / 0.010” thick paper, cardstock, or plastic) to standard VEX IQ structure. Use a 6.35 mm / 0.25” drill or hole punch to incorporate ramps, custom curves, or other personalized elements into your VEX IQ creations.”

However, VEX website does not sell any cited “thin sheet” material that is up to 0.25mm / 0.010” thick paper, cardstock, or plastic.

Our questions are thus:

(1). Can we use our own thin sheet, as long as it is up to 0.25mm / 0.010” thick paper, cardstock, or plastic, since VEX does not sell any of these thin sheets?

If we are not allowed, this official pin item seems to be no use for its intended or officially stated purpose in its description.

(2). Can this thin sheet be only used for a non-functional, decoration purpose, or can it be used for a functional purpose on the robot?

We think that since the official pin item is to incorporate things like ramps, customer curves by using thin sheet, the sheet would be very likely serving a functional purpose, as it is hard to imagine that ramps would be employed as a decoration on a robot.

Hope VEX IQ can provide us with an official answer before our Regional competition in 10 days.

Thanks a lot!


These thin sheets are included in many of the HEXBUG VEX Ball Machines.

You are allowed to use the thin sheets included in any of the HEXBUG VEX kits. These can be used for any purpose. You cannot use any homemade sheets, unless they are solely being used as non functional decorations.