If very few teams qualify for your middle-school state competition, such as 5. How would qualifications for worlds work?

Need help to clarify qualification questions?

Are there more middle school teams in your area other than those 5? If so, they’ll probably invite all the other teams as well, just to fill spots

If very few teams qualify for your middle-school state competition

This wouldn’t happen. Everyone who qualifies gets in, and then every remaining spot goes to teams on the state skills leaderboard in descending order. There will be a full event at your state championship.

Unless there are only like ten teams in your entire state…


Technically, they would at least have to have a skills score to get invited.

However, If I was the state EP I would fill the tournament to capacity with any registered team after getting the go-ahead from the RSM. (If there aren’t registered teams that’s a different story!) If I budget for 24 teams to come and only 5 are there, you are going to end up losing money on a job that doesn’t pay anything.

To answer the OP…

I would just go to the judge’s guide and qualifying criteria.

Regional tournaments don’t have a 12 (normally 16) team requirement. The RSM would designate certain awards that are worlds qualifying. Those would advance to WORLDS. If of those 5 teams, none of them turn in a notebook, then those awards aren’t given that require a notebook. While this rarely happens, there are events that decide to not give awards because there are no teams that earned them.

After the tournament, if there are spots left to WORLDS, they go to the skills list for the SEASON after the tournament is uploaded.

If there are fewer unqualified teams on the skills list than WORLDS spots, that would be a strange predicament. This is a strange year where these types of strange things can happen. But, those spots would go somewhere. RECF needs money to host WORLDS, even this virtual one. They will find some way to fill the spots.


In ga there are many teams but they are scoring bad, we are in second place so we would get a worlds spot right?

first for the love of forums use a spellchecker
second it is likely but winning your state tournament would make sure you can go to worlds. I believe it is in the judges guide the system that determines the allocation of worlds spots


AFAIK Illinois state has basically just been a sign up competition for a while now (apart from tournament winners, but there aren’t near enough tournaments to fill state, and usually there are just 1-4 teams that win everything)

Then worlds spots are allocated normally even if the scores aren’t even close to worlds qualifying in other states. That’s just Illinois though.


You would have to qualify via your region’s world qualifying event. If your region decides to not have one this year (most likely due to COVID-19 concerns), then the un-filled spots will go to the teams with the highest robot-skills scores in your region. It appears that GA-ES (Elementary School IQ) has 8 spots this year, so the top 8 teams will go to worlds. Just because your team scores high in teamwork matches does not automatically mean that you would qualify for worlds. I suggest that you research your question a little bit more (read the manual) before posting it here.

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