If you choose a new location for VEX Worlds, where would it be?

I’d definitely like to see it in a place like Atlanta.

This would probably be unlikely for a bunch of teams, but having Worlds in another country would be a great thing.


Somewhere easier to reach from anywhere… Atlanta sounds nice. It has direct flights from Asia too. Even I myself transited in Atlanta.

I have been suggesting Las Vegas for years. It is a city that actually has enough hotel space.

I’d say either Las Vegas, Chicago, or maybe even New York or Boston. Out of the country, I’d say maybe London, Berlin, or even Tokyo.

death valley would be a good test for V5.

The Poway qualifier in California showed pretty clearly that the VEX Cortex and 393 motors should not be subjected to extreme heat. Outdoor tournament = burnt out drive trains everywhere.

Taipei Taiwan

On the ISS. Hope you all accounted for changes of gravity in all your code.

I got an idea, why not host VEX Worlds on a cruise ship! That way the ship could stop at just about any port possible (cheaper travel costs) and we’d be able to travel to different locations (it is a WORLD TOURnament after all) in the span of just a few days. Problem solved for everyone, you’re welcome.


I know I am kind of biased but Hawaii would be a great location, it right in the middle between Asia, North America, and Australia. Perfect for international travel and when worlds is happening it is a low for tourism in Hawaii so it would be as crowded as it could be.

Go back to Anaheim, that was nice.

For the international teams, think the main consideration will be the hassle of domestic flights. Thats when things can go wrong, eg. misplaced robots, luggage, flight delays, etc.

It will be ideal if there is a major international airport that the international teams can fly in directly to.


Yessir, I’ve always thought the same. If you think about it, it’s the most fair place to have since we are central from pretty much everyone.

Central doesn’t mean practical. I believe at some point VEX justified their choice of Louisville with it being less than a day’s drive away from half the United States. Hawaii would be almost the polar opposite: almost every single person going to Worlds would have to fly. And domestic flights to Hawaii aren’t particularly cheap.

I never got to experience Worlds in Anaheim, but I imagine that (and a number of other locations in California) would be a good choice.

The first VEX worlds championship took place at California State University Northridge, let’s have it there again (nevermind that we don’t have a big enough infrastructure).

Jokes aside, the Los Angeles area would be a good candidate. Close to LAX, lots of expo centers/arenas to choose from, and easily to get to for anyone road tripping.

I understand that it would be a bit pricey for American teams. But this is vex worlds not vex USA competition, we have think about the other half of teams from China, Singapore, New Zealand. They would essentially have to travel around half the distance then almost any other american destination. I don’t think we should rule out Hawaii that fast, plenty of hotels, multiple convention centers and a international airport. We should be thinking about how to make it easiest for all teams not just american ones. But California worlds would be pretty good too.

in wakanda yeah would be a very good place :)))))