If you have 2 ultrasonic sensors on your robot, would they disrupt each other?

The title kinda asks it all.

That’s pretty vague. R they facing the same direction and like right next to each other?

Mmmm, let’s say side by side.

Probs wanna ask a physics student or somebody who has studied it before but I think the sensors would return no value because the waves would cancel each other out

wouldn’t that mean you could use an ultrasonic sensor to mess up an opponent’s auton though?

Well… you can reduce their accuracy a little, but their is just not enough power for the ultrasonic sensors to compleatly mess them up… you could try this though…

Apparently multiple sensors were taken into account when the ultrasonic sensor was designed. Here is an article that explains it well: https://renegaderobotics.org/vex-sensors-ultrasonic-range-finder/#multiple

In short, they will not interfere with each other, but it will affect performance.


On V5 or old cortex ?

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There’s difference? Isn’t it still using the same sensor?

yes, same sensor, just had it in my mind that we may be driving it differently on V5.

On the cortex, using ROBOTC, each sensor was driven sequentially, not sure if the previous link referenced this, but I posted some details years ago.

V5 actually drives them in a very similar way, so you should not see any interference.